This page houses links and general information about steam and combination steam (or convection steam) ovens.  Over time I’ll try to answer all the big questions people tend to have about steam and combi steam ovens, and will link as they are posted.

For starters, if you want a good general overview of what a steam/combi steam oven does and whether you should buy one, read this Steam Oven 101 post.

There's a steam oven buyers guide here if you haven't taken the plunge just yet.

If you're looking for this site's recipe index, it can be found here.

And if you want to look for general resources/recipes for cooking in your steam oven (sourced from other places on the internet), go here

I hear a lot about the lack of support and resources available for steam and combi steam appliances after purchase (it was the main impetus for this blog). Many people don’t notice this until they’ve bought and installed their oven, and it’s really frustrating. It’s something I come across every time I do a product demonstration and am asked by clients where they can find help and good recipes. Umm, that's why you're here, right?! 

In home cooking terms, these ovens are still relatively niche, hence production of generic books and websites on the topic (rather than brand-specific instructional manuals) has been almost nonexistent. It’s why some people don’t get much out of their new purchase, and become annoyed with the effort required to ‘learn’ the ovens minus the aid of a good cookbook or website. Times are changing though, so don't worry - I predict the next few years will bring some really good resources* for those of us lucky enough to have a steam or combi steam oven at home.

As a comparison, think about how many books and resources there are for the Thermomix. This is kind of the same thing - when Thermomix launched the only user information available was from the company itself, but now there are cookbooks, websites and blogs everywhere with adapted recipes (not to mention manufacturers everywhere with knock-off versions of the machine!). Eventually, if enough people buy a new gadget or appliance publishers jump on board with their recipe book offerings, but it takes a while. My anecdotal evidence suggests steam/combi steam ovens have really become popular in Australian kitchens in the past 3-5 years (and perhaps in Europe and the USA a little earlier), so let’s hope book-publishing-land has started to recognise that they’re not a fad and are here to stay in our kitchens for the long term. 

*As a related aside, I am currently writing my first cookbook! It will be - you guessed it - all about steam oven cooking, and is due for publication in early 2017. I am working hard to make it an excellent resource and recipe book for all steam oven owners and will post more about it on this dedicated page when I have a firmer release date.