About Steam & Bake

Despite the enormous increase in availability and super technology over the past few years, as far as combi steam ovens are concerned there aren't nearly enough websites or cookbooks out there with normal steam oven recipes for home cooks.

This site was created to help fill that void in combi steam recipes and to answer common questions about these great appliances. 

I hope you'll find inspiration, support and ideas to make you a more confident steam oven cook. Most of the recipes aren’t fancy, they're just good everyday family dishes, the things I make and eat at home with my family. 

If you have no idea what a steam oven (or combination steam or convection steam) oven is, read this post.

If you don't have a combi steam oven but you like my recipes, most can be made in a regular oven or on the stovetop.

All the recipes here are for things I’ve made and eaten, and photos are mine unless otherwise credited. Please don't republish or use content from this site without permission (I'll generally give it if you ask nicely!).


About me


I’m Emily Rhodes, a food copywriter and recipe developer. I've been working in and writing for the food industry for 20 years, and I absolutely love it.

6 years ago, I took a contract as a home economist for a kitchen appliance importer. My role was to teach people how to buy and use their kitchen appliances, and to develop recipes to show off the brand's products. I got to cook with and write recipes for some amazing appliances, and I discovered along the way that there was almost no decent information out there for people who bought combi steam ovens. If I wanted to point people to some good recipes which would inspire them to use their new oven, it looked like I'd have to do it myself! And that's how we got here.

These days I'm putting my journalism and nutrition qualifications to good use as a freelance copywriter, food business consultant and occasional home economist, so as well as my regular ramblings and recipes here you'll find me writing for businesses all over the world, helping them to articulate whatever it is that makes them special. If you're interested in my writing gig or looking for a copywriter, head over to www.emilywrites.com.au.

I live in sunny Western Australia, and have a lovely husband, two gorgeous kids and two highly strung cats. If I'm not working, blogging or wasting time on Instagram, you'll find me deep in domestic bliss (or hell, depending on the day).

I love hearing from readers! Email emily[at]steamandbake[dot]com, or head over to the blog's facebook page or instagram and send me a message.


Disclaimer about my steam oven recipes

Every manufacturer makes different appliances in terms of operation, technology and steam control/capacity, so it’s impossible to write recipes which specifically cover every variation across the brands. My recipes are most often tested in a Neff combination steam oven, however with minimal tweaking of method and cooking times should work in any combi steam oven (and often in a ‘straight’ steam oven or a stovetop steamer). See the Steam & Combi-Steam Info page if you are stuck, or feel free to contact me via email or facebook and I’ll help if I can.


A note about affiliate links

Occasionally I include affiliate links in posts, and there are several on my resources page. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I receive a (very) small percentage of that purchase price from the seller (you don't pay anything extra, don't worry!). It's a tiny amount of money, generally only a few cents, but it goes some way to offsetting the growing costs of running this website. I only ever link to products I have used and can recommend.